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Our Construction Services

Building Construction

We have skilled laborers who work together to bring your design to life.

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House Renovation

We renovate and improve the existing house or other residential property

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Architecture Design

We have creative and technical expertise that ensure the the design vision is realized.

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Interior Design

Our team ensures the execution of design plan and project is copleted on time and within budget.

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Fixing & Support

We can fix and support all the damaged parts of the structure or other residential property at a very lower budget.

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Our team ensures surface coating of a house or building with paint to protect and bautify it as desired.

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Our Other services

Silverback Bikes

We sell high performance bikes that offer a range of road,mountain and designed for various riding styles and levels of experience.

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Silverback Cruises

We offer a range of cruises including sunset cruises,birding cruises,fishing cruises and wildlife cruises.

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Hope Soap production

We do soap production as our social responsibilty with the aim of empowering and skilling vulnerable women.

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